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    Dues Structure
    1-10 Employees - $125/mo11-20 Employees - $250/mo21-30 Employees - $375/mo31-40 Employees - $500/mo41-50 Employees - $625/moInitiation Fee - $1500Associate Member $500 annual dues (no monthly fees)

    Erector Members
    Structural steel, steel joistPrefabricated buildings and/or sidingInsulatorsMiscellaneous metals, stairs, omamental ironmetal deck installers

    Associate Members
    FabricatorsSteel Joists - ManufacturerMetal Deck - ManufacturerPre-Engineered Building SidingStructural SteelSteel Joists Supplier and/or SalesMetal Deck Supplier and/or SalesOther Associated ProductsMisc. Metals, Stairs, Omamental Iron

    Suppliers and Manufacturers
    Crane SalesWire Rope, Slings, and AccessEquipment and/or ToolsSafety EquipmentFasteners

    Specialty Services
    Crane and Equipment RentalsCertified WeldingMillwrights, Industrial Machinery InstallHeavy Equipment Moving and RiggingShear Stud Installation

    FinancialInsurance, Risk ManagementLegalCrane Certification and InspectionTesting Labs and/or Independent Inspection

    Benefits of SESAC Membership

    • SESAC occupational injury related losses have improved dramatically since the inception of the Safety Association. Members of the workers compensation insurance dividend group have received hundreds of thousands of dollars in discounts and dividends from improved safety and the insurance savings resulting from this.
    • The members pioneered the 15′ fall rule in 1994 that requires ironworkers to have protective safety systems at 15 feet off the ground (the old standard allowed a 25 foot exposure). This local practice became the basis for the new OSHA Steel Erection Standard.
    • Over 65 lives have been saved or serious injury averted when ironworkers have fallen and been caught in their fall protection safety systems in Colorado since SESAC began.
    • Several hundred thousand dollars have been spent in training and craft improvement since SESAC began in 1992.
    • SESAC sites have been visited by many safety specialists and company representatives from across the country who come to see first hand that the ironworker’s 100% fall protection systems actually work and that ironworkers can work productively and also follow these new practices and safety rules.
    • Various companies in the region have developed and are now marketing nationwide, unique safety devices that allow all ironworkers to have the best safety systems.
    • The members have monthly safety meetings involving company owners and managers where safety items of interest, past accidents and near accidents, and industry wide information is shared. In these meetings, these fierce competitors “take off the gloves” and work together for the good of their industry.
    • Our safety standards are more stringent than the current OSHA laws. This makes SESAC members more appealing to General Contractors who are looking for better safety performance in the field.
    • We were the first steel erection group in the country to form a formal partnership with OSHA.