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Policy Documents

2017 – Table of ContentsCover Page

Section 1 Administrative Policies

Section 2 Subcontractor Policy

Section 3 Project Start-up

Section 3.a Form Emergency phone numbers updated (Color)

Section 3.b Weekly Tool Box Report

Section 4 Substance Abuse Policy

Section 5 First Aid Policy

Section 5.1 Blood Borne Pathogen

Section 6 Authorized Driver Policy

Section 6.a Authorized Driver Form

Section 7 Safety Violation Policy

Section 7.a Disciplinary Program-Written Warning

Section 7.b Disciplinary Program-Employee Evaluation

Section 8 Incident Investigation and Reporting

Section 8.a Incident Reporting and Forms

Section 9 Inspections

Section 9.1 Monthly Inspection policy

Section 9.1a Forklift Daily Walk Around Checklist

Section 9.1b Aerial Lift Daily Walk Around Checklist

Section 9.1c Scissor Lift Daily Walk Around Checklist

Section 9.a PM Safety Audit

Section 9.b Supervior Safety Audit

Section 10 JHA

Section 10.a JHA Form

Section 10.b SESAC Pretask

Section 11 Personal Protective Equipment

Section 11.a PPE Inspection Form

Section 12 Respiratory Protection Policy

Section 12.1 Respiratory Protection Appendix D

Section 12.2 Lead Exposure Program

Section 12.3 Asbestos Policy

Section 12.4 Silica Policy

Section 12.5 Hexavalent Chromium Exposure Procedure

Section 13 Fall Protection

Section 13.1 Fall Protection Examples – Descriptions

Section 13.1a Scenario #1 Drop Test Report

Section 13.1b Scenario #2 Drop Test Report

Section 13.1c Scenario #3 Drop Test Report

Section 13.1d Scenario #4 Drop Test Report

Section 13.1e Scenario #5 Drop Test Report

Section 13.1f Scenario #6 Drop Test Report

Section 13.1g Scenario #7 Drop Test Report

Section 13.1h Scenario #8 Drop Test Report

Section 13.1i Scenario #9 Drop Test Report

Section 13.1j Scenario #10 Drop Test Report

Section 13.1k Scenario #11 Drop Test Report

Section 13.2 ProtectionOf Openings_Procedure

Section 13.a Fall Arrest Rescue Plan form

Section 13.b Fall Protection_TOC

Section 13.c Fall Protection Inspection Checklists and Logs

Section 13.d Fall Protection Monthly Color Codes

Section 14 Hazcom (Color)

Section 14.a Right to Know

Section 14.b Hazcom Program Inventory Sheet

Section 15 Concrete and Masonry

Section 16 Confined Space Policy

Section 16.a Confined Space Entry Permit

Section 16.b Alternative Entry form

Section 17 Excavation

Section 17.a Excavation Inspection form

Section 18 Noise Exposure-Hearing Conservation

Section 19 Electrical Policy

Section 19.a Energized Electrical Work Permit

Section 19.b GFCI Checklist

Section 20 Control of Hazardous Energy Policy

Section 21 Tools and Equipment

Section 22 Scaffold Policy

Section 22.a Scaffold Safety Checklist (Inspection)

Section 22.b Scaffold Policy Waiver-Indemnity

Section 23 Ladder Safety

Section 24 Fire Protection

Section 25 Welding and Cutting

Section 25.a Hot Work Permit

Section 26 Mobile Equipment

Section 26.a Equipment Preshift Checklist

Section 27 Forklift Policy

Section 28 Crane Policy

Section 28.1 Suspended Personal Platform Procedure

Section 28.1a Training Form_Suspended Platforms

Section 28.1b Suspended Platforms_Checklist

Section 28.a Crane Daily Log

Section 28.b Mobile Crane A-D Checklist

Section 28.c Tower Crane A-D Checklist

Section 29 Rigging Policy

Section 29.1 Daily Lifting Equipmnent Procedure

Section 29.2 Rigging Checklist & more

Section 30 Erection Policy

Section 30.1 certification to begin steel erection

Section 30.2 Multiple Lift Rigging

Section 30.3 Connector_Procedure

Section 30.3a Training Form_Connector

Section 30.4 Rivet Removal_ProcedureFinal

Section 30.5 site specific erection plan checklist

Section 30.6 Steel Erection Release Form